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There's no need to scour the world for exotic interior ideas - from lacquered screens to sushi bowls, London has everything you need on your doorstep.

Long gone are the days when mass-produced throws and wall hangings were our notion of global style. Now the capital's selection of imported furniture and accessories is offering a slice of exotica on sleeker styles that are better suited to contemporary interiors. Lombok, for example, produces much more design-led contemporary pieces, such as furniture made from reclaimed teak, using traditional techniques and traditions, but with a Western twist.

Clever buyers and well designed shops display how effective it can be to choose just one or two individual items, and mix them with existing furniture to get a look that's unique. When shopping for antique ethnic furniture, ask about the piece's history, as a good importer will know how, if, where or when it has been restored. If this global style is new to you, start small and add pretty accessories, such as carved decorative balls, leather in-trays, translucent ceramic sushi dishes or bamboo tea-lighters to add a finishing touch to your room's decor.

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Everything in this treasure trove of a shop has been sourced from India, with a particular emphasis on pieces from Rajasthan. There is a varied collection of furniture, including dining tables, from £750, coffee tables and chests. For the garden or conservatory there is a good choice of planters, made from marble, stone, brass, copper and iron: an iron planter costs around £80. Other items include carved stone panels or pillars, as well as accessories such as stone plates and marble "lotus" bowls. Lovers of wood will be happy with wooden platters, from £20, or for a more dramatic statement, a wooden pillar. Textiles include embriodered silk bedspreads, from £75, kaftans, throws and stoles.