Thoughts & Inspirations from Opium Kings Road

Easter 2020

Dear Opium Friends

We are missing you all at Opium. For more than 20 years we’ve never taken for granted the joy of tending to the shop every day and enjoying the impromptu chats that inevitably arise with our customers and friends - our many regulars, occasionals and those just passing through. Several times a week, people discovering us for the first time tell us that Opium is a shop like no other and how much they are enjoying their visit. Something which never fails to make my heart sing.

There are a few shops that make me feel the same way...Petersham Nurseries near Richmond (the first time I visited I found it almost impossible to leave), Caravane in Paris (now here in London, but somehow not quite the same), Gordon Reece in Knaresborough, the Oriental Room at The General Trading Company when it was at Sloane Street, now both sadly closed, Guinevere Antiques and ABC Carpet & Home on Broadway New York (like Opium but 20 times larger and my dream inspiration if only I had vast sums of money!). Places that draw you in, uplift, inspire, offer something unique...make you want to stay for a while. And of course it doesn’t mean you have to buy anything...a trip to the shops can simply be a feast for the eyes - a creative stimulus, food for thought, refining your taste and ideas, getting your eye in. But for now, we have to rely on visiting web sites for our inspiration...not quite the same as the high street, but I am of course biased.

So, if you don’t mind, we’d really like to stay in touch and keep those impromptu conversations going over the weeks ahead. Talk about what inspires us, what we think may interest you and the beautiful pieces at Opium we hope you will like.

We’ll also be posting regularly on Instagram, so please start following us on @opiumkingsroad and on Facebook @opiumshop. And of course we’d love to hear from you too by email at

Inspiration for the Home

Our homes have become the focus of our lives this past few weeks and will be so for some time to come. We can't make any major changes of course, but something as simple as a beautiful cushion can really transform a bed or sofa and therefore the ambience of the room. It's all about creating the right atmosphere!

So this week, we'd like to introduce you to the beautiful cushions on our web site. The vintage cushions are made from antique Indian embroideries that Tracy sources on her India buying trips, which she then has appliqued onto vintage French linen; the block print and stitched cushions are all handmade by artisans working in Jaipur and Calcutta.

Opium cushions

Vintage French Linen & Antique Mirror Embroidery Cushions from £75. Each one unique.

Opium mirrors

Sometimes more than 1 cushion looks really good too!

Opium cushions

Hand Block Print Palm Tree Canvas Cushions in Green or Blue Colourways (block printed both sides) £55 large square and £38 oblong

Opium cushions

Vintage Kantha Cushion £155, Rare Antique Rabari Cushion with Cowrie Shells £185, French Linen Mirrorwork Cushion £75

Opium cushions

Vintage Kantha Cushion backed in Hand Spun Linen - £198

Opium cushions

Hand Stitched Cotton Kantha Cushions West Bengal, 24" square - £48 including the pad

Opium cushions

Long Bolster Cushion made from an Antique Embroidered Toran with Vintage French Linen £275

Inspiration for the Heart & Mind

We all need positive thoughts at this time, so we’d like to share with you this short talk by the Indian inspirational guru, Sadhguru and hope you find it as uplifting as we do.

Just click on the image of Sadhguru below to hear his thoughts >



We look forward to seeing you soon at Opium, Kings Road, but it maybe a while...

Yogi the dog

Yogi knows how to work an Opium cushion...